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Deadlift Bundle - Neoprene Belt, Liquid Chalk & Wrist Straps

Deadlift Bundle - Neoprene Belt, Liquid Chalk & Wrist Straps

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Deadlift Bundle - Neoprene Belt, Liquid Chalk & Wrist Straps. Worth £39.94, Saves 45% 


Neoprene Belt - Worth £17.99

  • 💪 LIFT MORE WEIGHT - Support the back and increase core strength with double reinforced extra wide 5.5 inch Eva sheet incorporated neoprene padding. Our extra-long Velcro strap allows you to tighten the belt to your desired fit in the comfort it will not become loose and ensures you will lift more weight for more reps!
  • 💪 AVOID INJURY - Our belt is designed to fit the natural shape of your body, with an extra wide support for your lower back and smaller design for the core providing a close yet comfortable fit that compresses and supports the abdomen. This lightweight belt contours the body and allows full mobility for every exercise including squats, deadlifts and overhead presses which will prevent injury and allow you to train heavier for longer!
  • 💪 PAIN RELIEF - Anyone that has ever suffered with lower back pain while training will benefit from the extra padding and natural fit of this belt that allows you to wear the belt during any lift and prevent pain!
  • 💪 COMFORT & QUALITY - Made of the highest quality Neoprene material for cushioning and support with Eva Sheet incorporation giving you the perfect mix of comfort & support - double stitched and with added padding makes the belt strong, durable and comfortable!
  • 💪 EASY FIT - Double overlapping closure system with rust proof sliding bar buckle ensure easy application & removal of the belt while maintaining support to quickly apply to your optimal fit!


Boss Grip Liquid Chalk - Worth £12.99

  • 💪 INCREASES GRIP STRENGTH - Boss grip Liquid Chalk's premium ingredients are formulated for one thing - to increase your grip strength! You will lift more weight for more reps with even your heaviest deadlift! Also perfect for increasing your grip strength for any grip related sports.
  • 💨  QUICK DRY & NO MESS - Boss Grip Liquid Chalk dry's in seconds with next to no dust or mess! We sourced only the highest quality ingredients so unlike other brands our chalk dry's quicker without compromising on grip strength. You will not annoy other gym users by leaving mess everywhere & does not attract to your clothes keeping you clean.
  • 💧 EASY APPLICATION & STORAGE - Just squeeze a coin size drop of our liquid chalk into the palm of one hand and rub evenly across both hands and leave to dry in seconds! The fast drying application means you can store the handy bottle in a gym bag in the comfort it will not leak.
  • 💰 INCREDIBLE VALUE FOR MONEY & MULTI SPORT USE - Boss Grip has 0 compromise on ingredient quality to ensure you get more out of every bottle than any other brand with well over 200 uses out of every bottle! This chalk is designed for you to use on any grip strength sports such as gym weight lifting training, body weight exercises, gymnastics, pole fitness and more.
  • 😷 ANTIBACTERIAL INGREDIENTS KEEPS HANDS GERM FREE + EASY REMOVAL! Our antibacterial formula will keep your hands germ free meaning you can safely use any gym equipment! Dry's your hands to ensure optimal performance whilst allowing easy wash off and removal in seconds.

Wrist Straps with rubber grips - Worth £9.95

  • 💪 NEVER LOSE GRIP - Our Advanced Rubber Grip Design Ensure To Stick To The Bar While Not Adding Extra thickness Ensuring You Never Lose Your Grip On The Bar! Unlike Other Brands Made Of Cheap, Flimsy Material Which Come Apart & Hurt Your Wrists While Lifting - Boss Fitness Straps Are Made Of Premium Material That Are Built To Last & Designed To Enhance Grip Strength!
  • 💪 LIFT MORE WEIGHT - Our Double Stitched Heavy Duty Straps Allow You To Load More Weight On Your Lifts! Our Straps Will Hold Up To Any Weight - We Have Tested Them With 300KG and They Didn't Slip or Stretch. If You Can Go Heavier, Our Straps Will Be Right There With You!
  • 💪 GET BIGGER MUSCLES - Get More Reps Every Set While Working The Target Muscle, Not Your Grip! Strengthen your hands, wrists and forearms for heavy deadlifts, rows, weight chin-ups, pull-ups, shrugs, dumbbell squats. Heavier Weight For More Reps + Bigger Muscles!
  • 💪 ONE SIZE FITS ALL - Will Fit Any Lifter And Attach To Any Barbell, Dumbbell Or Lifting Attachment! Our Comfortable Thing Straps Fit Any Wrist Size & Easily Wraps Around Any Barbell, Dumbbell or Pull-up Bar In Seconds.
  • 💪 PREMIUM QUALITY - Made from the highest quality Cotton and Rubber, Size: Length 22.5", Width 1.5" - Boss Fitness Built Our Straps To Last A Life Time While Lifting Heavy Weights, Being Used Regularly & Still Sticking To Any Bar.




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