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Squat Bundle - Leather Belt & Knee Wraps

Squat Bundle - Leather Belt & Knee Wraps

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Squat Bundle - Leather Belt & Knee Wraps. RRP £41.98, Saves 40% 

LEATHER BELT - Worth £22.99

  • 💪 LIFT MORE WEIGHT - Double strength 4" back support with double pronged buckle is made for heavy lifting - with rear padding and a comfortable strap you can tighten around your core to maximise your lift ensuring you lift more weight for more reps!
  • 💪 AVOID INJURY - Our belt is designed to fit the natural shape of your body, with an extra wide support for your lower back and core with added padding inside the belt to prevent injury and allow you to train heavier for longer
  • 💪 COMFORT & QUALITY - Made of the highest quality Cow Hide Leather which is smooth, soft to touch and water proof while being long lasting. Double stitched seams prevent the belt from coming apart like other belts + Heavy duty double pronged buckle ensure the belt will not come loose or come off when lifting.
  • 💪 PAIN RELIEF - Anyone that has ever suffered with lower back pain while training will benefit from the extra padding and natural fit of this belt. Extremely comfortably even when fully tightened avoiding any strain, pain or fatigue which allows you to wear the belt during any lift and pain free!
  • 💪 SATISFACTION GARUANTEED - Boss Fitness are on a mission to become the best weight lifting accessory brand in the UK. Our goal is to give you the best products & look good doing it! Competitive prices & Customer service is our highest priority so you will not be disappointed by going with Boss Fitness


Knee Wraps for Weight Lifting, Bodybuilding, Crossfit, Powerlifting, Heavy Squats, Gym Strength Training, Premium Quality Support & Compression Sleeves – BOSS FITNESS


💪 Added Extra Strength Velcro – We have listened to recent reviews and improved the quality and strength of our Velcro straps ensuring your knee wraps never come loose. We have tested these extensively with heavy squats and multiple users – they are secure as they come!.

💪  LIFT MORE WEIGHT – Strengthen and support the knee’s during heavy squatsexcellent Compression and support, stabilizing the knee and surrounding structures under heavy loads.

Allows you to explode and bounce out the hole to avoid sticking points ensure you will lift more weight!

💪 AVOID INJURY – Boss Fitness knee wraps stabilize and protect the knee joint under heavy loads preventing the possibility of injury. Keeps Your Knees warm and supported throughout the lift. Unlike other brands of knee sleeves, using extra long Velcro you can tighten to your specification

💪 PAIN RELIEF – Our knee wraps provide compression and warmth to the knee’s while training allowing you to lift pain free. Our straps are long and stretchy enough coupled with the heavy duty strength of the wraps allows you to spread the fit out over a bigger area allowing you to spread the support and compression all the way around the knee joint.

💪 COMFORT & QUALITY – Made of the highest quality material that is strong, durable and comfortable allowing the user to wear to their preferred tightness while maintaining comfort. 💪 EAST FIT – Quick wrap and application guaranteed with Velcro fastening. One size fits all. Sold as a pair.



Our knee wraps are designed to help you take your training to the next level and look good doing it! 

Boss Fitness Knee Wraps are made of the highest quality elasticated cotton material that are designed to perfectly fit around the knee allowing you to apply as tightly as required while maintaining comfort. Our wraps will not slip and are easily secured using an extra wide Velcro strap ensuring they are easily fitted and are going nowhere!


Boss Fitness Knee Wraps are perfect for:

💪 Squats

💪 Deadlifts

💪 Leg Press

💪 Lunges

💪 All forms of leg training!


Boss Fitness knee wraps are designed and tested to ensure you:

😁 Avoid injury

😁 Relieve Pain

😁 Rehabilitate injuries

😁 Create longevity to lift for longer

😁  Take your training to the next level and look good doing it!


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